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The Marina Office is about 1km away from the Marina.

You follow the street out the Marina area. When you pass by the security gate, turn right at the next junction. You turn right again when you reach the main road. The Marina office is in the last shophouse (see Picture above) on the first floor. 

To enter the shophouse, you have to ring

the bell (see Picture on the right) and the

door will be electronically unlocked. You

follow the stairs up to first level and you

have reached Marina office. 

Marina Office:

Miri Marina

Lot 271-272, Brighton Center

Jln Ternenggong Datuk Oyong Lawai Jau

98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Tel: +60 (0)85 423 033

Fax: +60 (0)85 417 249

Office Hours:    

Monday to Friday  8.00am – 12.30pm, 1.30pm – 5.15pm

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

No reservation. 

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